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IPL Photo Facial

BBL (broad-band light) therapy is designed to treat skin problems and imperfections below the skin surface, where they begin. BBL concentrates heat in the form of light rays into affected areas. BBL uses controlled high intensity visible and infrared light and directs it into the upper layers of the skin. This process stimulates cell repair and regeneration and stimulates new collagen production for younger smoother looking skin. 

If you are looking to correct skin appearance and imperfections caused by acne, aging, sun damage, redness, or other pigmentation issues, BBL therapy, may be a good option for you.


BBL vs. IPL therapy, what is the difference? 

•    Both use non-invasive light therapy
•    BBL is a step up from IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy presenting a more advanced, specific, and accurate treatment 
•    BBL is proven to be safer and more effective than IPL therapy 
•    BBL can be used for treating darker skin types than IPL 
•    BBL can be used to treat melasma and other skin imperfections not treatable with IPL


•    Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections such as those caused by aging, acne, and sun damage

•    Improves uneven skin texture and tone

•    BBL stimulates collagen improving skin firmness

•    Helpful for reversing facial redness and vessels as well as sun spots (solar lentigines)


None. Though you should avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks pre and post treatment, as well as immediately after treatment. 


One treatment


The number of treatments required varies per person. It is typically recommended to get 3-6 treatments, but visible results are seen even after just one treatment!

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