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How much does it cost?

If your doctor has referred you to see one of our Specialists then the initial consultation as well as any medically required treatments, procedures and followups are covered by the Medical Services Branch (MSB) of the provincial Ministry of Health.   Therefore if you have an active Saskatchewan health card, there is no fee for these services.

However, not all procedures and services are covered with your provincial health card.

It does not cover optional, cosmetic, or medically unnecessary treatments and procedures.   This includes mole removals and other benign lesion removals, paperwork and insurance forms, attendance letters, sick notes, photocopying your medical file, no show fees, and all cosmetic treatments.   


A full list of insured and non-insured services can be found here:

If you are unsure if something is covered under the provincial plan, please discuss with your Doctor during your appointment.

Some private plans may have a health spending account that may cover a portion of the costs associated with treatments.   We'd be happy to give you a receipt so that you may submit this to your plan for reimbursement.  

Cosmetic procedures

If you are interested in certain cosmetic procedures, we'd be happy to discuss a full range of options during a complimentary consultation. 


Our clinic accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Debit and Cash.  



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